Who Am I?

As a young girl I’ve noticed many things, not everyone is the same. I am a proud daughter of two hondurian parents. When I turned three I was sent to Honduras to learn Spanish because I only spoke english. I stood there for one whole year, I entered a bilingual school (La Santa Maria) and when I returned back to the United States I only spoke spanish. I then entered school and I learned how to balance both languages. Something that I now realized was that I was basically in two seperate worlds. One which was spanish world and the other which was english world. The spanish world took place at home and the english took place at school or outside my home. I never, ever thought of how these two world could collide to make one great world.

Now that I am 16 and a High School Junior, I now see the importance of being able to speak two languages here in the United States. I thank my parents for sending me to their homeland to learn a language that is now helping me today.


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